Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Physical Therapy

Here is another angel of mine. She is Anneke Bender, MPT at Shepard Center in Atlanta. She has helped me a lot with my physical therapy. You would be shocked at how much I have learn in a short amount of time. Some of the things that we are doing to help me walk are, wedges in my shoes to make me not walk on the inside of my feet. I also got new shoes that are tight on my feet. My walker was given to me and I think a short person had it before me. I will have to get one that is meant for tall people. Im being train on how you are expose to walk also. I have certain muscles that we are trying to build up to help me walk for more than 15 mins. I'm testing out the Bioness L300 Unit for my right drop foot with the hope that I get a grant that will pay for the $8000 device. Today we went over Stretching. It is a lot harder than it looks but will help me walk more. WIth HSCT my goal was to stop my progression and never get any worse. But I'm a fighter and I want to be able to walk for more than 15 mins. I know nothing is impossible and I keep going a little bit further and pushing myself. I have came a long way and while Im all the way over here, I think I will try to improve more. Daisy made me promise to walk her down the isle when she got married and maybe even a dance with her. She is a knock out and getting older on me and Im not sure how much longer I have to meet this goal. But I'm going to do it. Matter of fact, I'm going to walk 1 time around the whole track at the Griffin Airport track one day also and sooner the better. I'm going to keep doing my part and see what happens. Every little thing I gain back is a victory. Praise GOD and the 1000's of people that cared about me and helped me.

Mark Rosenthal